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    Spyro: Year of the Dragon Theory - The Way of Life


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    Spyro: Year of the Dragon Theory - The Way of Life Empty Spyro: Year of the Dragon Theory - The Way of Life

    Post by BoomShaka0 on Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:43 pm

    Let's take a trip down memory lane to the Playstation 1.

    Do you all remember the purple headed dragon we all know and love, Spyro? How about his friends he meets in the three games developed by Insomniac games? Well whether you remember or not, it is probably safe to say, he played a big part of our childhood.

    To start off this theory, I'd like to say what the theory is mainky about. I believe the game represents life in general , the obstacles in life, and the way we act in life.

    First Main Point: Sunrise Springs- Age:Newborn-9

    In this home world, you are greeted with 5 main different portals to travel through (which we each be put into better deatil below) and also a speedway and a Sparx level. You learm the basicd of the game; Fire breathing, charging, head bash, swimming, and flying. You learn how to do these so you can progress in the game, or life. You learn to keep your self alive through feeding (having Sparx eat butterflies).

    Sheila's Alp, Cloud Spires, Sunny Villa, Molten Crater, and Seashell Shore all share the common connection of having the Rhynocs be bullies. When you are younger, you are taught to stand up for yourself and stand for whats right. You also join clubs and hang with small groups of friends.

    Even the final boss of the homeworld, Buzz, is a big bully. All you have to do is push him away, and you will advance in life.

    Second Main Point: Midday Gardens- Age:10-16

    In one of the cutscenes of this homeworld, you see Hunter start to fall for Bianca, and visa versa. Kinda reminds you of when you had your first love too, right? You find out your passion in life in this homeworld's levels, or just what you are good at.

    Enchanted Towers- Here you notice they all have an act for building and sculpting. Even a hobby of both Spyro amd Hunter, skateboarding, has the biggest rink out of all the maps.

    Icy Peak- Here you see that the two people in this map are best friends and pull pranks on each other. They also enjoy fishing and the female at the ice rink loves to ice skate.

    Bamboo Terrace- This one, you may be expiriencing a different culture, something that isnt hard to do at this age.

    Spooky Swamp- The map is almost dark, showing you still being slightly afraid of the dark and meeding to light candles.

    Sgt. Byrd's Base- You see that military could be a life choice in the future, as it is normal to start at a young age.

    Spike is the boss this time, and you have to use what you have been given to you to fight him amd defeat him.

    Third main point: Evening Lake- Age:17-22

    You are giving up on so,e childish things. Your dreams of being a princessm a ninja, or a pirate looking for buried treasure are washed away and reality hits. Proffesors come at you in college with big words, much like Bentley does with his famous quote: "Why you brazenly avaricious, duplicitous larcenous ursine." You try sayimg that 10 times fast. And as well, you have to gp through puberty, or at least the final stages, seen by the deep and mysterious voice of the penguins.

    Frozen Altar- This is the above mentioned penguins world. You also fully learn how to use the technology at hand, even if it is foreign to you.

    Lost Fleet, Fireworks Factory, and Charmed Ridge all are your dreams from childhood, being washed away. It is also good to note that they are all the levels that are technically under water. Bentley's level is under water, but in the dry part of the castle.

    Bentley's Outpost- Here you play as a big brother, or even a mentor towards a youngster. You have to use smart wit and strength to get past this place. Amd he sounds like the stereotypical college professor.

    Scorch, the third boss, can be seen as your challenge to get from childhood, to adult hood.

    Fourth maim poin4: Midnight Mountain- Age:40's-Death

    This homeworld has floating islands, showing distachment from the rest of the world. All of the levels show aspects pf either death or old age in any form.

    Crystal Islands- These men in this level believe in magic, and seem to be slightly insane for believing.

    Desert Ruins- Old equipment is lying about, decaying. And sand is a huge indicator for time like a hourglass. As well as at the end, you are met with a beautiful young woman, seeing a midlife crisis happening with the man at the beginning.

    Haunted Tomb- There are literally mummies in this round. Need I say more?

    Dino Mines- There are literally dinosaurs in this round. Need I say more?

    Agent 9's Lab- This crazy monkey is the embodiment of insanity and craziness. And insanity is commonly found in old age.

    You fight the Sorceress in the final battle, different forms of technology you have grown around. When she is defeated, she melts away, leaving only an egg with her, maybe representing a newnlife beimg born, like all the other eggs.

    Anyway, that is the full extent to my theory. I know I left out the secret level at the end, but I can't thimk of something for it. If you think I missed out on something, comment and please tell me. I want to make this theory better.

    Thanks for reading ^-^

    *Note- I did skip about 20 years. (23-39)
    **Note- Please do not mind my spelling errors.

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    Spyro: Year of the Dragon Theory - The Way of Life Empty Re: Spyro: Year of the Dragon Theory - The Way of Life

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    awesome write up

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