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    WhiteBeard's Marineford Performance (shutting down lowball)


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    WhiteBeard's Marineford Performance (shutting down lowball)

    Post by Mokero99 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:34 am

    This is the WB/Akainu discussion we were having in the OP Chat and I thought I'd just post my reasoning here on how WB shitted on Akainu and it wasn't just "plot" as to the the reasoning on how he survived so long.

    First off, in chapter 562/563 Squard, the Captain of a pirate group that allied with WB sneak attacked WB and stabbed him giving WB his first physical wound in Marineford.

    Scan of Squard stabbing WB:

    Link of Squard stabbing WB:

    Then comes chapter 567, WB fought Kuzan for awhile until Diamond Jozu intercepted the fight. Not because WB was in trouble, but because Jozu wanted WB to keep advancing.
    Shortly right after, Akainu attacked WB (IDK why this nigga Teiko was saying Akainu only fought WB after Ace died, Ace was clearly alive during this chapter). For the most part they were even until WB fell onto his knees and started coughing up blood due to his illness. Then while BB was done coughing up blood, Akainu took the time to implae him with a magma punch (Also notice how WB blocked Akainu's initial magma kick with his Bisento, but his weapon isn't damaged).

    Link for the Kuzan vs WB fight and the beginning of the WB vs Akainu fight:

    Link to the 1st full fight between Akainu and WB:

    In chapter 569, a herd of Vice Admirals attacked WB while he was still trying to recover from his illness and the magma punch Akainu dealt him. Then these ranking officers deal WB many blows, only for him to casually oneshot them by swinging his Bisento while saying his own name lol

    Link for WB smacking Vice Admirals away:

    Shortly thereof, WB fought with Kizaru in attempts to stop him from reaching Luffy. In actuality, he literally reacted to Kizaru in his light form whil sick and heavily injured. Soon after that Kizaru hits him with a laser beam

    Scan of WB stopping Kizaru:

    Scan of WB being shot by Kizaru:" alt="" />

    Link to Kizaru vs WB:

    After the death of Ace, WB mourns over his lost son. Then quickly becomes enraged and splits the entire Island in half. The he literally beats the dog shit out of Akainu

    Scan of WB pounding on Akainu:

    Link to Akainu vs WB final time:

    Now just incase you thought Akainu left WB there to "die" even thought WB beat the living shit out of him and left him on the ground, here's the link to their final fight even though it was heavily onesided:

    Just incase you thought the Marines and or "Akainu" finished off WB, here's the link to the BlackBeard Pirates doing the Marine's job for them:

    Just incase a chapter link might be too broad for you, here's the scan of BB Pirates killing WB:

    In conclusion, a sick, heavily injured WB beat the dog shit out of Akainu. In no way were they a match for each other. Mind I add an enraged WB beat the shit out of Akainu after 1.) Facing Kuzan 2.) Falling to his illness in the middle of battle and being impaled by Akainu while he was down, recovering 3.) Fighting off and taking damage from several Vice Admirals 4) Stopping Kizaru and tanking a light beam from him.

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    Re: WhiteBeard's Marineford Performance (shutting down lowball)

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:52 am

    amazing thread. gracias amigo

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