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    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:36 pm

    Hello! We are the Death Battle Homies, a debate group that started on Facebook. We debate everything! From videogames, to comic books, tv series and anime and manga.
    We currently have over 16,300+ members!
    (Here is our group link: )
    We would like to take our group to the next level, with a website, merchandise, and memorabilia.

    For this, we need donations.

    In the future we would like to present to you the following with the help of your donations:
    • Comprehensive website based on the popular subjects in Death Battle Homies, featuring news, reviews, podcasts, live debates & more!
      Death Battle Homies Memorabilia
      Death Battle Homies - Homie-Con (A Real Life Death Battle Homies convention!)
      Giveaways Monthly of DBH memorabilia & other related merchandise once we are situated .

    All of the money raised, will be invested & reinvested into Death Battle Homies to expand our operations.

    Our elite administration team consists of 20 people who are very knowledgeable and display rolemodel like qualities that we strive for. Each and every admin, as well as all of our members, have made DBH what it is today, and we are very thankful for you visiting this page even if you do not donate.

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