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    Shao Kahn Respect Thread

    Skodwarde The Almighty
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    Shao Kahn Respect Thread Empty Shao Kahn Respect Thread

    Post by Skodwarde The Almighty on Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:02 pm

    Shao Kahn Respect Thread

    Ah, Shao Kahn. One of the cheapest bosses in video game history. In 1993, Mortal Kombat 2 was released. This hulking behemoth was responsible for so many quarters lost. Come 3, he got even worse. His AI was ridiculous. He would decimate you in seconds. Then he was nonexistent as an in game character till he became playable in Deception(Gamecube and PSP versions) and Armageddon. Then in MK9, he became an unplayable boss once more. Not to mention extremely cheap.

    Shao Kahn is famously known for his large physique, lack of clothing, broken AI, skull helmet, hammer, and his legendary taunts and mockery. "It's official. You suck!"

    Shao Kahn is easily one of the most powerful characters in Mortal Kombat when he doesn't follow MK rules. Unfortunately, his status as a villain and arrogance leads to him losing quite often.(and his losses are usually PIS or Outliers IMO)

    However, he has a truckload of feats compared to most of his fellow kombatants that make him a force to be reckoned with.

    In MK3, Shao Kahn was more than capable of merging realms,(1:32) and performing a mass soul steal that lifewiped the entire Earth save for the soulless cyborgs, and Raiden's chosen ones.(1:44)

    Video Link:

    I did some reasonable assumptions on how many souls he really devoured. Now, ScrewAttack made a claim that Shao Kahn had a soul count of 60 billion souls over a period of 10,000 years. However, they failed to take into account that a population over that time would not be constant, it would be much smaller and gradually grow. Now i can't give a full estimate on how many souls Kahn has during that timeframe. However, i CAN make an assumption on how many souls he had as a result of that lifewipe.

    Mortal Kombat 3 was released in 1995. So this article shows Earth's population around mid 95. MK3 was released in April 95 so the number may be a bit lower.

    Shao has at least 5.6-5.7 billion souls as a result of that lifewipe, not including the negligible number of Raiden's chosen few and the 3 cyborgs.

    As for Kahn colliding with Raiden in Raiden's Trilogy ending, that was non canon. However, based on Raiden's showing against Shinnok ( ) and Onaga(who is a genius and knows Kahn very well) outright comparing Kahn to Raiden, ( 44:53) it should be obvious Kahn is a planetary threat with massively hypersonic Kombat speed.(Raiden being the de facto god of thunder and lightning)

    Kahn really wasn't relevant again till Armageddon. (other than having a doppleganger killed during the events of Deadly Alliance)

    Now it's common knowledge that Onaga is superior to Shao Kahn.(being that Kahn had to poison him to take his throne)

    However, in this( ) video, about 3:11 in, Onaga carries Kahn off to an unknown location, likely to torture/kill him.

    Then we get to the beginning of 9. Everyone is visibly dead, save for Shao Kahn, and a horribly battered Raiden.

    ( 1:24 in )

    With Kahn atop the pyramid alongside Raiden, and considering Onaga would definitely not just let Kahn free, it's a safe assumption to say Shao Kahn killed Onaga.

    Kahn then prepared to either merge or destroy all the realms(more likely destroy based on his words) as he stood over Raiden, gloating, while his body glowed orange in lieu of his usual green.  (2:04, same link above)

    This indicates one of two things. Taven's victory over Blaze in Konquest was retconned, and Kahn killed Blaze, obtaining his power, (likely since Netherrealm Studios tends to have derisive opinions on most post MK3 characters) or Shao somehow beat an amped Taven.(less likely, and it would yield the same result as beating Blaze anyway)

    Had Raiden not reversed time, there's no doubt Kahn would've finished everything.

    There are 6 realms in Mortal Kombat. Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Outworld, Chaosrealm, Orderrealm, and Edenia.

    Considering Armageddon's plot was basically "The fabric of the realms will be destroyed", and Kahn quote for quote said he was going to cause Armageddon himself, those realms were as good as done for.

    Now. There are 6 realms. How big are they? Hmm. ( 1:24:23 in )

    Onaga tells the story of how the One Being, likely a living universe, was fragmented into 6 realms. Now imma use some very conservative ends and put them at Large/Multi Planet.

    Kahn for all intents and purposes, at his absolute best is a Massively Hypersonic, Large/Multi Planet buster with equivalent durability (going off Onaga's comparison of him to Raiden)

    After the time rewind, Kahn became weaker, albeit still one of the more powerful post time rewind characters.

    He survived Liu Kang's flame fist through his heart ( 3:02 in) and was able to recover, albiet with Quan Chi accelerating his recovery.

    ( 0:35 in )

    Kahn then went on to start merging realms again, shortly after Raiden accidentally killed Liu Kang, in addition to flat out godstomping Raiden, cockily absorbing an attack from all the Elder Gods,(in roughly the same spot Kang flame fisted him no less!) and finally being defeated after a major effort. Yes. Post time rewind Kahn was a pain in the ass for the Elder Gods.

    Now it looks like he really didn't have any extra power source when fighting Elder God Raiden. (he gave Tsung's power to Sindel and the soulnado was last seen when Noob Saibot got flung into it)

    So a post time rewind Kahn, with his own power,(in addition to his souls) was able to be a massive pain in the ass for almighty deities. He still lost though.

    So, this is my respect thread for Shao Kahn. Hope you like it. Feel free to discuss it.

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