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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

    Post by Jesús Narvaez on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:20 am

    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Latest?cb=20150908225725
    FBI Agent Seeley Booth

    Special Agent Seeley Joseph Booth is a Special Agent with the FBI and the current FBI liaison to the Jeffersonian. What began as a consultation with Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist with the Jeffersonian Institute, turned into a meaningful partnership and later on a marriage and family.
    He is portrayed by David Boreanaz.

    [th]Full name[/th][th]Nickname(s)[/th][th]Aliases[/th][th]Gender[/th][th]Occupation[/th][th]Family[/th][th]Spouse(s)[/th][th]Children[/th][th]Religion[/th]
    Seeley Joseph Booth
    Shrimp (by Pops)
    Buck Moosejaw
    Bobby Kent
    FBI Special Agent
    (FBI Liaison to the Jeffersonian Institute)

    Sergeant Major, US Army
    Brother: Jared Booth
    Grandfather: Hank Booth
    Mother: Marianne Booth
    Father-in-law: Max Keenan
    Brother-in-law: Russ Brennan
    Ancestor: John Wilkes Booth
    Temperance Brennan
    Parker Booth
    (son, with Rebecca)
    Christine Booth
    (daughter, with Temperance)
    Hank Booth
    (son, with Temperance)
    Roman Catholicism[1]

    Brief Character History

    Booth is portrayed as a patriot and has a strong sense of duty to his country and job.[32][37] In "Soldier on the Grave", Angela described him as "someone who wants to keep honor and responsibility alive". For much of Season 1, this often led to friction between him and Jack Hodgins, who held anti-government views. According to Cam, Booth relies on his faith in the government to keep his sanity intact having killed nearly fifty people on government orders as an Army sniper.[6] He takes his oath and position as a federal agent seriously[54] and holds himself to an equally high standard; he is especially disgusted whenever a corrupt law enforcement officer is involved[55][56] and refuses to participate in cover-ups.[19][33] Booth is also loyal to his colleagues and protective of his family to the point where he will not hesitate to physically threaten and intimidate anyone who attempts to harm them.

    Booth is occasionally over-protective, often to Bones' annoyance, of his family and people he cares about. Sweets theorized that his protective instincts – which he labeled "white knight syndrome" – stems from his abusive childhood and his having to frequently protect his younger brother Jared from their alcoholic father.[57] His former boss Sam Cullen called him a "paladin" – "Defender of the faith, protector".[30]

    Due in part to his Catholic upbringing, Booth sees the world and morality in black and white, which contrasts Bones' objective view of such abstract concepts. This conflicting view is often a source of friction and, later, banter between them. Booth draws the line between the "good guys" and "bad guys" and stated that "life is about taking sides", when asked about how he is able to reconcile his past as a sniper while hunting down his former mentor-turned-vigilante Jacob Broadsky.[45] Booth once told Sweets that while he has killed (because he was following orders), he has never murdered.[16] It is stated that Booth will not pull the trigger unless he is absolutely certain of the identity and guilt of the "target" he is about to kill and that it is sanctioned by a higher authority and not on his own volition.[45][58] Booth views justice in a similarly subjective way and believes that committing a crime is never justifiable regardless of the circumstances. This, coupled by his "follow the book" approach, is apparent when he arrests Bones' father Max, for killing the Deputy Director of the FBI (who was revealed to be part of a cover-up), in her own office without hesitation in the Season 2 finale "Stargazer in a Puddle", although he does apologize to Bones before leading Max out in handcuffs.

    One of Booth's noted characteristics is his respect for life. Despite spending most of his working life around firearms, it is a known fact that he dislikes having to kill another human being and remains is a sensitive topic for him.[1][43] His past as a sniper still haunts him emotionally and Bones surmised that his choice to become an FBI agent and his dedication for seeking justice for victims was his way of paying penance.[43] In the pilot, he tells Bones that he hopes to catch as many criminals as people he has killed. In the episode "The Man in the S.U.V.", after shooting and killing a terrorist about to detonate a bomb at a crowded convention center, he refused to accept credit and explains to Bones that he finds "no pleasure in taking someone's life".[58] When he shot a mechanical clown on an ice cream truck for seemingly no reason, he was ordered to see Dr. Gordon Wyatt for counseling in order to get his badge and gun back.[59] In subsequent episodes Dr. Wyatt uncovers the guilt and anger Booth has been harboring for so long. In Season 6 Booth's FBI colleague Dr. Lance Sweets noted that the reason why Booth was able to live through the guilt was his ability to channel it into his career in the FBI and responsibility to his son and those he cared about.[45]

    Despite his warm personality, Booth tends to shy away from the limelight when it comes to taking credit for solving a case. He often plays down his own intelligence to let Bones take the credit to make her feel good, although most of the team eventually saw through his ruse.[60]

    When investigating a crime, Booth leans toward intuition and his ability to connect and read people, a quantity unknown to an empiricist like Bones. His interpersonal approach is especially effective in the interrogation room – "[his] domain".[61] Despite lacking the professional training of Bones and Sweets, he is able to read and detect behavioral cues[62][63] and accurately establish motive.[25][64] Initially Bones rebuffs Booth's intuition as she (at first) rejects anything that cannot be measured with numbers, research and scientific evidence but he soon earns hers and the team's respect for his ability to interpret evidence.[35] In Season 4 she tries to interrogate a suspect for the first time and concedes that the interpersonal aspects of the job and interrogations are still exclusively Booth's area of expertise.[60] In Season 9, while he and Bones were observing Sweets interrogating a highly intelligent suspect, he explains to her Sweets' techniques and the suspect's behavioral responses.[62] Angela observed that his ability to "[pretend] to be stupider than he actually is most of the time" to lure the suspect into a false sense of security was what made him such a skilled interrogator, as opposed to Bones, whose bluntness often gives a poor first impression and puts people off.[60] Booth is often frustrated by the scientific jargon Bones and the other scientists, and sometimes Sweets, tend to use, as shown when he abruptly cuts Bones and Hodgins off in the middle of a sentence and tells them to "translate" into layman's terms. Although lacking the squints' "book smarts", he compensates with his instincts honed from his experience in the FBI,[62] as shown by the fact that he is able to accurately guess Bones' top three password choices.[65]

    Booth tends to keep his personal and professional life as separate as possible and is territorial, especially in regards to his personal life and what he considers his personal space. This is exhibited by the fact that he displays his military medals and memorabilia in his office rather than in his home. He is also extremely guarded and taciturn about most aspects of his personal life, namely his abusive father, troubled childhood, "love life" and traumatic experiences in the military. For example, in the episode "A Night at the Bones Museum", he becomes offended when Bones talks about him while on a date with his "boss's boss" Andrew Hacker and curtly tells her that "what goes on between us is ours". When asked more personal questions, such as about his emotional problems, especially by Sweets or Bones, his first reaction is to change the subject, deflect them with jokes or become defensive. Even when confronted privately "out of office", he usually refuses to talk outright, choosing instead to downplay his emotions and brood over a drink at the bar.[58][66] In later seasons, he has begun to open up to and confide in Bones.

    Booth has temperament issues and, as shown in several episodes, it has gotten him in trouble on occasion. He shoots the clown head on an ice cream truck in season 2 episode "The Girl in the Gator" due to coulrophobia. As a result, his service pistol is confiscated and he is ordered to see Dr Gordon Wyatt (Stephen Fry) for counseling sessions to be cleared for duty. In Season 4 he shoots a black metal band's guitar amplifier after the guitarist spits on his badge and was promptly reprimanded by Dr Wyatt.[23] There is a running gag in the show where Booth often sarcastically threatens to shoot a squint (especially Hodgins or a "squintern") in exasperation when they start "rambling" or occasionally an uncooperative suspect in the interrogation room. Despite his ability to emotionally detach himself from a case and compartmentalize, there were instances where he has "snapped", especially when a case touches a sensitive such as when he physically hit a suspect after the latter hit his wife while both were being questioned.[67] Having grown up in an abusive home, he has admitted to Sweets and Bones of his fears that he would become like his father.[7]

    On the job, Booth is characterized as a "man of action"[35] and once claimed that he would "rot behind a desk".[68] Early in season 8, he was given an opportunity to earn a promotion to an administrative position but passed up the chance in order to help Sweets and rookie agent Olivia Sparling with an emergency situation involving an assassin armed with an explosive. Bones herself commented that Booth being assigned to a desk job was akin to "caging an animal" and that he was "meant to run free".[68] He does not hesitate to get physical when a situation requires it, such as chasing down a suspect through a crowd on foot or leading a SWAT team himself during a hostage rescue or raid.

    Booth is a fan of classic rock and arena rock music. He has expressed great affection for the group Foreigner (in fact, Foreigner's Hot Blooded is Booth's & Bones' song), and poked fun at Bones for her interest in world, rap, and hip hop music. He also likes the band Poco. In the season three finale, he listens to the hardcore punk/punkabilly band Social Distortion. In the Season 4 episode "Mayhem on the Cross" he mentions that his father thought that Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys sounded the same. Given the relatively underground nature of the California hardcore punk scene, of which Social Distortion, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys were all seminal members, it is most likely that Booth's father would have heard these bands only if Booth himself had played their records. He is also familiar with country music as his grandfather "raised [him] on Grand Ole Opry".[69]

    Booth shows a preference for the old school. He despises new age innovations, feeling that technology dehumanizes everything. He hates cappuccinos, referring to it as "foamy crap"[70] and not actual coffee, only drinking his coffee black. He also dislikes reading news on a tablet, preferring to hold the newspaper in his hand,[71] and had a vintage fridge in his kitchen at his old apartment.[22] Bones told Hannah that Booth has always wanted an old-fashioned rotary telephone, as he believes that it is what a phone should be: sturdy and heavy enough to knock someone out. He also believes that the mechanics of it make it human.
    It is revealed in the season three episode "The Mummy in The Maze" that Booth suffers from coulrophobia. When traveling through a haunted house, Booth is frightened of an evil clown mannequin; Brennan is bewildered by his behavior and Booth feels ashamed when he purposely avoids walking by the mannequin. In season two when he shot a large plastic clown head on an ice cream truck, annoyed with the music.[59] Booth wears a "Cocky" belt buckle in episodes following "The Boneless Bride in the River", which is absent in the first episode of season five after recovery from surgery. However, in the first two seasons he wears a stylized eagle buckle and for most of Season 9 he is seen wearing a heavy buckle with crossed muskets, the insignia of the US Army Infantry Branch. He also likes to wear colorful socks. In the episode "The Wannabe in the Weeds", it is revealed that he is allergic to grass.

    Toward the end of season 4, Booth suffers from a brain tumor that leads him to hallucinate conversations with Stewie Griffin. The tumor is successfully removed, but it leaves him with residual memory loss and a lack of confidence in the field.


    During the whole series, Booth is seen using different pistols.

    • In Season 1 initial episodes Booth carries a Smith & Wesson Revolver 686. In the rest of the Season 1, 2 and 3 Booth uses a Glock 17 Gen3 as Main Weapon.
    • In Season 4 Booth changes his weapon to a Compact Glock 23 Gen3, with a .40 caliber. In Season 5 Booth Carries a SIG Sauer GSR as main weapon.

    • In Season 6, 7, and 9 Booth is seen using a different types of Smith & Wesson 1911 Pistols, all with .45ACP caliber.

    • Booth is also seen using many other types of firearms.

    • In Season 3 and 4 Booth also uses a Remington 870 MCS Shotgun.

    • In Season 6 Booth also uses a M4A1 Carbine.

    Medals and Awards during his years as a Soldier Here
    Season 1

    • In episode 11, breaks a car window with one hit. Here
    • In episode 20, he takes off and restrains the Deputy Director of the FBI from beating up a suspect with one arm. Here

    Fighting Skill

    • In the pilot, he takes down a stalker with a simple move. Here
    • In episode three, takes down Venezuelan Ambassador Guard with 3 quick jab punches. Here


    • In the second episode, he shows his marksmanship w/o trying at the practice range. Here
    • Same episode, now trying and as a quickdraw I guess. Here
    • Same episode, he shoots and kills a bomber before bomber is able to trigger his bomb. Here


    • In episode 6, almost about to be hit by a drug lord, he quickly grabs the drug lord's cane, pushes him back and knocks out his fellow guard (undercover cop) before he shoots him. Here
    • In episode 11, right after bashing through the door of the Mercenaries hideout, he quickly kills 2 of them. Here. In between the 2 mercenaries, he quickly ducks, dodging the gunfire. Here
    • In episode 13, he and a few others quickly dodge bullets as they get ambushed by a gang in a drive by. Here
    • In the same episode, he quickly recovers from the barrage of bullets and goes after the running Gangster before getting cut off by a fence. Here
    • In episode 19, he quickdraws as fast as the cops enter Brennan's room. Knowing it was pointless, both teams holstered their weapons afterwards. Here

    Durability and Endurance

    • In episode 15, he survives an explosion meant to take out his partner. Here
    • In the same episode, he only has a few minor injuries. Here
    • In the same episode, despite having his injuries, he still manages to get up and join the firefight to save his partner. Here. Saves her as well before becoming dog food. Here

    Investigative Skill

    • In episode 8, while investigating the murder of a woman who was trapped inside a refrigerator, he notices that the couple under suspicion had replaced their refrigerator via skid marks, implying they threw away an older refrigerator. Here
    • In episode 19, finds a medallion that not even his partner or the New Orleans police couldn't find. He also takes it because he didn't want her partner to go to jail. Here
    • In episode 21, he figured out that the Veterans he interrogated all told him the same repetitive alibi, letting him to conclude that it was staged.


    • In episode 9, while surrounded by scientists, he's the first to figure out how to do Secret Santa via name picking out of a hat or in this case, a coffee mug. Here
    • In episode 21, since he used to be in the army, he was/is able to identify which bullets came from what gun. Here


    • In the pilot episode, he's able to convince his boss to let the Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan come along his murder investigations.
    • In episode 5, he's able to get more information out of 2 young boys about their dead brother before he was murdered after befriending them.
    • In episode 6, he's able to strike down a deal with an undercover cop in order to prevent suspicion from a drug lord so the undercover cop's identity isn't blown.
    • In episode 8, he's able to sympathize with the jury and convince them to lock up a couple under suspicion of murdering a female by trapping her in a refrigerator.
    • In episode 10, he convinces a Hotel Guard not to throw out the call girl he called that is under suspicion of murder of another call girl.
    • In episode 11, he convinces a small kidnapped boy that he's a friend of his dad via passcode known as "Paladin."
    • In the same episode, he convinces the boy's father to let him do his job.
    • In episode 13, he "convinces" a Gang Leader to call off a hit. Here
    • In episode 17, he manages to convince a sheriff to let some remains to go to the Jeffersonian.
    • In episode 18, he and his partner talk down an Ex-Navy Seal from killing one of their scientist, Dr. Hodgins. Here


    • In episode 2, his instincts told him that an earlier bomb was not an actual suicide bomber and that it was something else. He was right, the earlier bomb was caused by the victim's brother who turned out to be actual terrorist bomber.

    • In episode 3, his instincts or gut, told him that a Venezuelan boy did not commit suicide. He was right, turns out, 2 students killed the Venezuelan Kid and made it look like he committed suicide.
    • In episode 11, his instincts told him that a company known as KBC Systems had hired a hitman to take out the main suspect of a murder investigation but also a witness that discovered that the company was making defective armor for the US Troops. He was half right, it was mercenaries.
    • In the same episode, his gut instincts told him where they could find the suspect, back at the Company. He was right, right before the man was able to kill the CEO, they stopped him just in time before he killed the him after refusing to admit and get info on his kidnapped son.


    • In episode 4, shows his dance moves to his partner, Temperance Brennan. Here
    • In episode 5, fixes what looks like a Nintendo 64 controller. Here
    • In episode 12, has some knowledge on comic books/graphic novels. Here
    • In the same episode, he knows how to bowl and states he has won awards/trophies.
    • In episode 16, he has some knowledge and experience of rope climbing/rock climbing. Here

    I'll continue to post his feats by season later, so for right now here are season 1's. There's only 21 episodes in Season 1, just to clarify.

    Season 2

    • In the first episode, he takes down a Drug Dealer with ease. Here
    • In the same scene, he holds the man down, chokes him to prevent him from swallowing down evidence and takes it out. Here
    • In episode 12, he manages to hold on to Epps with one arm who tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately though, it didn't last long until he lost grip and Epps died from the fall damage. Here
    • In episode 16, he knocks out a Martial Artist with a punch. Here
    • IN episode 20, with ease, he takes down and holds down a suspect. Here

    Fighting Skill

    • In episode 8, he shows his fighting capabilities to other fighters. They were amazed at his fighting skills even at his age. Here
    • In the same episode, he fights a man bigger than himself and wins. Also displays some good endurance and reflex feats. Here
    • In episode 21, he fights and wins against Brennan's father, Max Keenan, before he guts hit in the nuts. Here


    • In episode 6, he quickly takes down a famous Colombian Judge's son before running. Here
    • In that same scene, the Colombian's Judge's son's guard pulls a gun on him but he quickly reacts and disarms him. Here
    • In episode 11, while having a conversation with Brennan's brother about his parole, unexpectedly gets a barrage of bullets but he pushes him and himself out of the line of fire quickly before he gets himself up again and armed. Here
    • In episode 13, while talking on the phone, he quickdraws very fast and shoots clown head from atop an Ice Cream truck just to take away the music that bothered him. Here
    • In episode 15, he quickdraws and shoots a door's lock. Kicks it down as well. Accuracy and Strength feat as well. Here

    Durability and Endurance

    • In episode 8, while undercover, he gets suckered punch and KO'ed but only gives him a minor concussion afterwards. The man who hit him was also an undercover agent. Here
    • In episode 12, he and Dr. Addy survive an explosion with little to almost no injuries. Here
    • In episode 18, he is kidnapped by 2 mobsters, tortured and beaten up for information for several hours. They don't succeed and he gets rescued. Here

    Investigative Skill

    • In episode 3, he notices a drug deal where his partner didn't until he told her. Here
    • In episode 9, while trying to find the buried Dr. Brennan and Hodgins, both doctors cause an explosion which made the sand above them jump a bit which alerted Booth of their whereabouts. Here
    • In episode 14, he is a good listener. He manages to hear one of the suspects call out one of his co-workers by his real name in which he never told the suspect about, making him believe that the suspect knows someone that could jeopardize the investigation.
    • In episode 17, his partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, openly admits that Booth is a better interrogator than her.


    • In episode 12, he outsmarts and finds serial killer Epps. Epps asked how did he find him, and Booth simply says by the plaster dust found in one of his victims, plaster dust is found in construction or demolishing sites. Dr. Brennan's next door apartment was being reconstructed which led him to believe he was there. Here


    • In the first episode, he "convinces" the drug dealer to give him information about a murdered client. Here
    • In the same episode, he and his partner's were able to construct a scene about how a murder went by which caused the suspect to confess.
    • In episode 6, alongside with the representative for the US State Department, he and the small guy convince the Colombian Jury to wave diplomatic immunity so she can be triad fairly in America instead of Colombia. Here
    • Throughout episode 8, he and his partner can be convincing while undercover.
    • In episode 17, he manages to convince a Priest to take a confession out of one of the suspects.


    • In episode 5, his gut tells him that the murdered husband's wives have met beforehand. He was right, their facade was broken when both women encountered Booth at a Chinese restaurant along with another women the husband's wife impregnated.


    • In episode 8, he reveals that he used to be a gambler and knows the ways around a casino. 
    • In episode 11, he can identify a message left by the killer. The picture shows spilled guts, which means rat or snitch. Here
    • In the same episode, he openly admits to his partner that he'd rather take the word of an honest criminal than that of a corrupt cop.
    • In episode 13, he is shown to be afraid of clowns.
    • In the same episode, he shows that he doesn't like Psychology.
    • In the same episode, he hates rich people.

    Season 2 feats are up. Enjoy!

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Really nice thread
    Jesús Narvaez
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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Updated! Season 2 feats are now up. Season 3 feats will be up in the next few days.

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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    Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!) Empty Re: Respect FBI Agent Seeley Booth! (Bones) (Season 2 feats are up!)

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