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    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread


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    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread Empty Doflamingo Disrespect Thread

    Post by Mokero99 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:21 am

    So this is a Doflamingo thread I'd like to do.

    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread Donquixote_doflamingo_by_shaxib-d81z38t

    Now as alot of you know, I don't like Doflamingo (I also don't like his brother Rosinante). So I was briefly going to explain the reasons as to why I don't like him.
    My only problem with Doflamingo really, is the fact that he's innately evil. Now alot of you are going to say i'm wrong and that he's only the way he is because of the tragedy he endured during his childhood. WRONG.
    I'm going to briefly reference chapter 763 where Doflamingo's backstory is first shown:
    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread 009


    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread 010

    Now you could try and argue that he's evil because as a Celestial Dragon he was raised that way.Which sort of makes this thread a nurture vs nature type thing. Now I completely disagree that the way he was as a child has anything to do with how he was raised. The reason I say this is because Doflamingo and Rosinante's father, Homing was depicted as a kind man who no longer wanted to take apart in the arrogant and condescending lifestyle of the Celestials. Hence why he along with his family left Marijois.
    Doflamingo in the 2 scans i linked, was asking his father where the slaves were and demanding that the ppl bow down to him despite not anyone in his family showing the same attitude.
    In chapter 782, the chapter is titled "Evil's Charisma" or "Evil's Champion" as it it's referred to in other translations. Basically this was the chapter Trebol explained more of Doflamingo's past some more and gives the notion that Doflamingo is just a very evil person.
    That's my reasoning for disliking Doflamingo. That his essence is just evil. I hate all the Tenryuubitos, they're all evil.
    But I did like the fact that he killed his father. His father was an idiot for actually thinking he could live alongside "regular" civilians and for his actions, his family suffered.
    Doflamingo was also very big on loyalty, which I liked very much. I don't think him killing his father could be considered disloyalty seeing how his father left their family in a mess.
    I also liked the fact that he killed Rosinante because Rosinante was a piece of shit. An ungrateful piece of shit. Doflamingo basically raised him and the dude was betraying him, working for the Marines and snitching on his brother. Also lying to his brother about being mute and not telling him he had a devil fruit...
    I know a few of you are going to say "But Doflamingo was planning on killing him because he was going to make him eat the ope ope fruit and sacrifice himself to make Doflamingo immortal!"
    But Rosinante already addressed that issue...saying Doflamingo for awhile suspected him of being a traitor, but was maybe going to wait awhile so he could use him to gain immortality

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    Doflamingo Disrespect Thread Empty Re: Doflamingo Disrespect Thread

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:52 am

    amazing thread. gracias amigo

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