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    BlackBeard Respect Thread


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    BlackBeard Respect Thread  Empty BlackBeard Respect Thread

    Post by Mokero99 on Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:52 am

    By Mokero
    This thread is regarding BlackBeard's (BB) current stats in the series based off power scaling and actual feats he's achieved.                                                  
    BlackBeard Respect Thread  Latest?cb=20140513235830

    First off, i'd like to mention Shanks (pre-timeskip) perceived BlackBeard as a major threat seeing how we went aboard WhiteBeard's (WB) ship to tell WhiteBeard to stop Ace from chasing BlacBeard. BlackBeard was also able to inflict a physical wound to Shanks who is a Yonko (a title given only to the few strongest pirates in One Piece).

    Here's the scan of Shanks discussing the wound he received from BlackBeard with WhiteBeard:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  010

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  011

    I think it’s pretty valid to claim that BlackBeard was able to somewhat keep up with Shanks seeing how he was able to hurt Shanks and also the sheer fact that Shanks perceived him as a major threat. It should also be noted that BlackBeard dealt a physical wound to Shanks from a claw weapon of some sort, (BlackBeard was shown to have carried around a claw weapon while he adventured on the Moby Dick, WhiteBeard’s ship) it wasn’t a wound dealt by BB’s Devil Fruit, the Yami Yami No Mi.
    Here’s the scan of BlackBeard’claw weapon on the bottom right of the page:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  007

    The second time we were given a hint of exactly how powerful BlackBeard  was when Ace finally caught up to BlackBeard and we were given the flashback of BlackBeard when he killed a Division Commander of the WhiteBeard Pirates by the name of Thatch (4th Division Commander):

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  016

    Now in Volume 59 of the SBS, Oda had stated that all the Division Commanders of the WhiteBeard had the same rank despite the Division numbers they were given and their age.
    Here’s the question that was asked in the SBS and the answer Oda gave:
    “D: About the Whitebeard Pirates, if there are pirates from the "Whitebeard ally groups", is there a possibility of one of them becoming a commander of the real Whitebeard Pirates itself? Or are the commanders all from the real Whitebeard Pirates from the beginning? P.N. amanuts
    O: Ok, I'll explain a little about the Whitebeard Pirates. First, captain Whitebeard and the 16 commanders. All 16 commanders, despite numbers and ages have the same rank. All the same. Whitebeard Pirates are just split in 16 groups and the division number does not indicate strength. The 43 ally pirate ships are not any part of the Whitebeard Pirates and are usually all just scattered everywhere living their own little lives. Yet they are loyal to Whitebeard, and help him in desperate times. They are like that. In Ace's case, the Spade Pirates were destroyed, and all the members joined the Whitebeard Pirates, so he was able to become a commander.

    Link: ((

    Now with being said, we can say BlackBeard BEFORE attaining the Yami Yami No Mi was Division Commander lvl meaning he was on par with Ace, Marco, Vista and the rest of the Division Commanders IF we’re going by what Oda said in that SBS.
    Now since Pre Devil Fruit(DF) BlackBeard was Division Commander lvl, and all the Commanders are the same rank in power, I’d like to display a few feats some of the Division Commanders have done during the MarineFord Arc.

    The first being Marco, the 1st Division Commander of the WhiteBeard Pirates. He was actually able to hold his own against Kizaru, a Navy Admiral. Meaning he was able to physically keep up with Kizaru in combat speed, he was able to dodge attacks and tank attacks. Here is his performance during MarineFord against Kizaru:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  008

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  001

    Now it’s pretty evident Kizaru was actually trying during this fight considering the nature of the whole fight, they were at war. Now Kizaru’s combat speed is mostly accepted at sub relativistic speed (his travelling speed is entirely different, seeing how he’s the speed of light with the Yata no Kagami technique) Meaning we can scale Marco’s speed to Kizaru’s speed seeing how he was able to keep up with Kizaru in combat.

    The next Division Commander I’d like to showcase is Diamond Jozu, the 3rd Division Commander of the WhiteBeard Pirates. Despite this feat particularly being dependent to his DF which is diamond (one of the strongest substances), he was still able to block the “the world’s strongest slash”:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  007

    Now, if that truly was in fact Mihawk’s strongest slash, that’s quite the feat. Mihawk was said to have rivaled Shanks as shown in this scan:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  009

    If Mihawk rivaled Shanks, and Shanks was at a Yonko lvl then the Jozu blocking Mihawk’s strongest slash holds a lot of merit.

    The last Division Commander I’d like to show is Vista, the 5th Division Commander of the WhiteBeard Pirates. His feat (if it can even be considered one) doesn’t showcase much. But he clashes swords with Mihawk in combat, which can then imply he held his own against Mihawk considering how when he resurfaced in the manga which was when WB was stabbed by a subordinate of his crew by the name of Squard.

    Vista clashing with Mihawk:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  009

    Vista’s expression after WB was stabbed:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  001

    So a few of these Division Commanders were fighting opponents who were on ~Admiral lvl which we then can use to scale Pre-DF BlackBeard.

    NOW I UNDERSTAND A LOT OF YOU WONT BE OKAY WITH THIS. Despite Oda saying they’re the same rank you may not necessarily agree that it relates to their strength in power which is how I interpreted it. So I will also include feats he’s actually done.

    The first time BB showed us his physical capabilities and power was in the Post Ennies Lobby Arc where Ace caught up to BB and confronted him about killing Thatch. He demonstrated his original DF ability during that fight against Ace. Now chapter 441 in the manga was when the fight happened, so instead of dropping 18 pages worth of scans, I’ll just link the chapter

    He also showed us the capability of his DF a little bit. The first named technique we seen was “Black Hole” which he basically used to absorb anything around him (the entire village) He described it as “Infinite gravity”:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  004

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  005

    He then repelled everything he absorbed and everything was in a pile of rubble:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  006

    Now the third named ability he used was “Dark Vortex” which he uses to nullify an opponent’s DF if they have one of course. So it’s pretty safe to assume for the time being that’s the only function this DF has:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  008

    Now, there is a few things in that fight I’d like to discuss. Now for the most part BB was dominating that fight. He did take a few attacks from that fight, but for the most part he did tank them. One particular attack he got hit with was “Hidaruma”. Now he was rolling on the ground crying in pain when he was hit with that attack and we don’t exactly know the destructive capability of that attack. But considering the mechanisms of BB’s DF, the pain he was feeling is amplified.  Meaning he can possibly have the greatest durability in One Piece.

    Secondly, the fight ended rather quickly seeing how the last attacks they both used was seen as an implication that the fight was to be ended with Ace’s final attack “Flame Emperor” and an unnamed attack BB used. Like I said earlier, BB for the most part was dominating Ace and was tanking his attacks

    Thirdly, despite BB’s DF being a logia type, he can’t manifest his DF which is darkness. So in that essence he doesn’t have intangibility like other logias and why he must either endure an attack or evade it. This ability can in that essence can be seen as a weakness.

    Now let’s discuss BB’s stats based off just his fight with Ace.

    Destruction Capability: City+ (He destroyed an entire village with Black Hole, nearly oneeshotted Ace with one attack)

    Durability:  City+ (Tanked a few basic fire based attacks from Ace while pain is amplified for him; walked away from Ace’s supposedly strongest attack Flame Emperor seeing how BB won the fight)

    Speed: MHS (He was relatively able to keep up with Ace who is faster than Pre-Timeskip Luffy who was calc’d at Mach 441, meaning Ace’s combat should be at LEAST Mach 500).


    Now I’m only going to link BB’s fight with WB:

    Now BB and his crew killed a heavily injured WB, which can’t literally be considered a feat seeing how BB didn’t do it alone and WB was heavily injured.

    But, there was a few feats he did accomplish during that fight. He tanked an attack from WB’s bisento and he also got chokeslammed soo hard, the ground beneath crumbled:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  007

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  008

    He also did nullify WB’s Gura Gura DF, but I already told you can do it via Black Vortex.

    During the end of the Marineford Arc, BB stole WB’s DF ability which majority of us assume he did through his DF ability. Now after the timeskip we can assume he mastered both his darkness fruit and the earthquake fruit he stole from BB. With that logical assumption, we can scale him from WB in terms of Destruction Capability.

    Here is BB using the Gura Gura No Mi after he stole it from WB:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  012

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  003


    Here is BB nearly oneshotting Luffy with a punch despite him being made of rubber:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  006

    BB defeating and capturing a Supernova (though his crew may have assisted him; the fight happened off-screen):

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  005


    Though he hasn’t directly shown to possess all 3 forms of Haki, it was implied many times that he had them.

    BB judging Luffy’s Haki in Jaya:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  015

    BB saying Luffy’s Haki has improved in Impel Down:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  008

    Actual proof he has Haki when he fought Ace and was able to hit him despite Ace’s DF making him intangible:

    BlackBeard Respect Thread  009


    Now let’s measure BB’s stats scaling from Division Commanders/WhiteBeard:

    Destruction Capability: Country lvl+ (Considering WB is considered Large Island and we’re scaling him from WB and Division Commanders should be around Island scaling from Marco. Also under the assumption he mastered the Gura Gura No Mi. Gura Gura No Mi+Yami Yami No Mi)

    Durability: City lvl+ (Tanking multiple attacks from Ace’s DF and tanking 2 attack from a bloodlusted WB) Island lv+ (Scaling from WB)

    Speed: MHS+ (Keeping up with Ace during their battle) Low- 4 Digits (Scaling from the other Division Commanders who were able to keep with Admirals during Marineford and also scaling from WB)

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