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    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts


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    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts Empty Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts

    Post by Mokero99 on Thu Oct 08, 2015 8:12 pm

    This is a Urouge "The Fallen Monk" Thread
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 12108924_977861165611186_7681965469100394714_n
    I'm going to briefly discuss some of his feats, what abilities he may have, why I like this char, and how relevant he will be later on in the series.
    Urouge as you know was first introduced in the Sabody Archipelago Arc as a part of the Worst Generation. Interestingly enough he had the lowest bounty out of all of the Supernovas, but that in no way dictates his strength. Considering your bounty is in no way a reflection of your power, but how much ruckus you cause.
    In one of his first appearances, he was seeing fighting Killer, presumably Eustass Kidd's first hand man. But before the fight really escalated, X Drake intervened and stopped it.
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 015
    Soon after, he engaged a Pacifista in combat. Though he got his ass whooped. But it should be recognized that he fought it alone and managed to get some really good hits on it.
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 006
    Then he engaged Kizaru along with X Drake and Basil Hawkins (with a minor appearance from Apoo). They of course got wrecked, but once again, it should be recognized that they all survived the fight (lol) which should be considered a feat XD
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 007
    Now whether he is a Devil fruit user or not was identified in the 5th Databook "One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World". His ability was stated to be able to convert damage he's taken into his own strength, to the point that even his size can increase. Now this was shown when he squared off with that one Pacifista in Sabody. Now this makes complete sense to me because Kidd's, X Drake's, Basil's, Capone's, Bonney's, Law's and Apoo's DF abilities were displayed in Sabody. Now Urouge's increase in size can only reasonably be explained due to some sort of DF ability. Killer hasn't been shown to have any special abilities and I think that's due to the fact that he doesn't possess any DF at all and we already know Zoro doesn't first hand. BlackBeard's DF was shown prior to Sabody arc and his 2nd DF ability was displayed during the Marineford Arc.
    With that being said, I believe that during the timeskip Urouge mostly worked on his durability. Tanking attacks with a very high DC caliber so he can convert the damage he takes into a very strong offense. Of course he probably physically bulked up and got stronger in that regards. I'm also sure he has at least Observation and Armament Haki considering those are crucial abilities to have in the New World especially as a Captain of your crew. Also one thing that may support my argument of him taking damage as a way of increasing his durability is when he's seen Dressrosa (first time seen post timeskip I believe) when hes's all bandaged up and seemingly resting from injuries he's sustained:
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 016
    With the type of DF he has, it's hard to come up with a possible awakening he may possess. But i'm going to say that his DF awakening might be able to make his opponent also feel the damage he's taking (similar to how Kuma made Zoro endure Luffy's pain and damage he received from Moriah).
    I love Urouge (no homo doe). I think he's a very cool character and I like that his DF is strength based. I like chars who use their own might in fights. But I also like his attitude, personality and cheesy ass smile.
    One of my favorite moments by Urouge is when he referred to the Celestial Dragons as "nasty little things" meaning we both share the same disdain for Celestials, which is dope.
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 008
    I also like how in Chapter 795 he asked Kaido wtf he was doing and reminded him they were 10k meters above the ground. But what I liked most about that scene was how he didn't try and stop Kaido's attempt to jump off the Sky Island which shows that he respects people's plights, which I like. And then the fact that he prayed for him "Amen". Hype af.
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 015
    Urouge Respect Thread and Thoughts 016
    I think Urouge will be shown again when Oda shows the fate of the Kidd, Apoo, and Hawkins Alliance. He may possibly assist the other 3 Supernovas in combat (though I highly doubt it).
    I don't believe he will be shown in any recent arcs. I also don't think he'll ally with any of the other Supernovas nor will he be a subordinate to any of the Yonkos.
    There are many theories out there of people saying Enel will venture into the Blue Sea and I can see Urouge teaming up with Enel seeing how they’re both Sky People and possibly having their own agenda within the New World.
    I also believe Urouge will be a villainous character within One Piece and may directly or indirectly oppose the Straw Hats. His agenda hasn't been revealed yet, but I believe once it is, it may be something along the lines of a selfish goal that he'd like to achieve. Also the fact that he smiles no matter WHAT situation he's in LOL.
    And uh, that's the end of this thread.

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